Khamis, Julai 11, 2013

2nd day fasting make me feel tired

hello peeps , assalamualaikum . now , 2nd day of ramadhan and 2nd day of fasting . oh my gosh , I'm getting tired lah ! yesterday aku sahur dengan family aku then back to the college :( so sad , this 2nd time fasting without my family in my side . 

people said , it's advance without people that we love in our side . may BE it's right . haha , act every weekends i'm back to rawang . *terlampau homesick agaknya . but it's okayy :)

2nd day of fasting make me feel sooooooo sooooo sooooooo tired ! early morning raining at flora damansara , omg its challenge to redah hujan . hahaha okaylah then me and lena went to 7e bought our own umbrella . so our umbrella is angry birds ! omg hahaha it's shame u know ? 

and then me enter at classroom and learn as usual but me feel so sleepy because so cold and class continues without rest ! gosh sick with college schedule . i hate go to college when schedule so pack ! grr . 

dear blog , i'm tired right now . i want sleep sleep sleeppp ! bubye !